How IPL 2020 is Going to be Different than Other Seasons.

How IPL 2020 is Going to be Different than Other Seasons

2020 is the year that we all are going to remember for a lifetime. There are plenty of things that have changed, and we are bound to live with that. Whether it is the sports world or simple livelihood, everything has changed. At the beginning of this pandemic, we were all forced to sit at home. Now, the time has changed and people are trying to get back to their normal life even though the virus is still there. 

Now, if we talk about cricket, then it has also changed. However, the rules are still the same as it was before, but the game is being played under closed outdoors. Moreover, players are not allowed to celebrate after getting a wicket. They cannot shake hands, and many more things have changed. Amidst these changes, one of the most popular twenty league IPL will also be played this year.

These are some changes we will get to see in this year IPL:

  1. IPL Will be Played in UAE. Well, this is the main change that we will see this year. The Indian Premier League is not going to happen in India this year because of the spread of coronavirus disease. Till Mid July, it was almost sure that IPL 2020 will be cancelled. However, the board decided to organize this league in a different country. At first, New Zealand, UAE, and Sri Lanka were the prime names where this league could have been played safely. Eventually, the governing body decided to organize the IPL in UAE.
  2. No Crowd. A cricket match is incomplete without the presence and excitement of the crowd. But, things have changed for this year, IPL 2020 will be held behind the closed doors. However, the BCCI’s President Sourav Ganguly has stated that 30% attendance will be allowed in the last phase of the tournament. Now, it will be interesting to see whether the presence of the crowd will be allowed or not.
  3. Quarantine. All the teams have arrived in the UAE to play the IPL 2020. Unfortunately, they couldn’t begin their practice sessions because every player and support staff have to go through a biosecure bubble, and remain in quarantine for a week. Only after finishing this period, a team can begin their practice session, but there are also a lot of instructions and safety measures that need to be followed.
  4. Change in Timing. IPL used to begin at 4 PM or 8 PM according to IST. However, this year the time is also going to change. In UAE, the night game will begin at 7:30 PM whereas the evening game has been scheduled to begin from 3:30 PM according to IST.
  5. Only Three Stadiums. When the IPL used to happen in India, every team had their own home grounds. So, the number of stadiums was almost 8 or more than 8. However, in UAE there are only three stadiums where the IPL is going to be held.