Kabaddi World Cup 2016.

The Story of Winning the Kabaddi World Cup 2016

After two winnings of the world cup of kabaddi, the Indian kabaddi team spirit was much higher than others in the Kabaddi World Cup of 2016. Before this, India also won the first two kabaddi world cups which were held in India in the years 2004 and 2007. This was the first time the sport was so much crowded due to the effect of vivo pro kabaddi League. This League really helped this game to grab more attention from the world as well as from India.

At the starting of the tournament, the Indian team entered very proudly to play against South Korea. The pride was obviously due to the winning of two consecutive kabaddi world cups. However, at the very start, the Indian team had to face the loss against South Korea with the score 32-34.

However, the Indian team bounced back from this loss soon and grabbed the third world cup title once again. That time the captain of the team was Anup Kumar who was the skipper of the team also.

In the first game of the tournament, India was leading once while the game was to finish very soon and everyone was very much confident for the winning of India. However, the marvelous performance of Jang Kun Lee from South Korea changed the whole equation in the last moment and India lost the first match of the tournament.

With this defeat every countryman became hopeless but the captain of the team, Anup Kumar did not become disappointed. He took this game as the lesson and agreed that he made few mistakes in that game. He learned from the lost game and never repeated that in the whole tournament as per his public interaction.

In that interaction, he also talked about his coach Balwan Singh. He said that when all the other people were hopeless, it was his coach who gave new hope to them. He said to the whole team that it is the part of the game to lose and win. He also said that among all the teams, our playing method was the best. Just with the proper use of these methods, we could win every match as per his words. 

With this positive attitude, the team played very well against Thailand and defeated them in all fields in that match. After one loss against South Korea, every other team was thinking that they could easily win the match against the host country, however, it could never happen in that tournament again.

After this Anup Kumar also expressed a few words of pride for serving the country. He said that it is a proud moment for every athlete to represent his own country in some international level sport. And leading that to receive any gold medal as we did in Asian games, is really a very proud moment. After that, we finally won the 2016 kabaddi world cup. The moment to live that moment was really worth living once in life at least for every proud captain.