Some of the Best Cricket Betting Sites Where You Can Bet Using INR.

Some of the Best Cricket Betting Sites Where You Can Bet Using INR

Since, cricket occupies a great space in the hearts of the people who not only just enjoy the game which is played on the cricket grounds but also, who love it every time they hear the name of cricket. With a large base of fan following, cricket has become one of the best sports which is loved by almost a large number of people in every part of the world. Now, with the advancement in the technology as well as changes made in the past couple of years regarding the methodologies, there are a variety of games that are available in cricket as such. 

The most recent example of sports that are being played, taking the basis of cricket is online cricket betting. Since this has two connections, one is related to the game of betting and the second one as it highlights from the topic itself is based on cricket. Means in this betting mainly the person who is profoundly fond of cricket as well as betting enjoys the game. 


Though there are a lot of websites that are based on online betting platforms such as web-based as well as Android-based platforms, there are a couple of online cricket betting platforms that have gained recognition by providing the gambling service from the last couple of years.

Also, the individual rating of the organization is mainly based on the criteria decided by the organization itself, and it can vary from organization to organization on the basis of the bonus deposits, rewards, and the ease of the interface, let us see some of the popular cricket betting websites.


  1. Dafabet is one of the most popular betting sites in terms of the user interface it has to provide to its users as well as the real-time data streaming, in terms of cricket. This is one of the platforms that is licensed and regulated by PG.
  2. Also, one of the reasons why you should choose Dafabet is the return bonus it has to offer, i.e you can get up to Rs.11,000/- in your deposits if you have purchased a VIP membership at Dafabet.


  1. Just like Dafabet, Sportsbet.IO also comes in the race of providing the real-time seamless game streaming experience to its user, which is one of the greatest things the company has to offer.
  2. This is a platform that is regulated and licensed by GOC, and the featured offer of the platform is that if you are placing an initial deposit of exactly Rs. 1,000, on the odds which are either 1.5 or greater than 1.5, you will get an absolutely free Bet of Rs. 3,000

Royal Panda

This is a platform that is regulated and licensed by MGA. Also, as a part of the Welcome Bonus, the company gives you a 100% bonus on your first deposit, which can be a maximum of Rs.10,000/-.