New changes in the schedule of Olympic Qualifying India Open Badminton Tournament.

New changes in the schedule of Olympic Qualifying India Open Badminton Tournament

Since the beginning of COVID 19, many things have been seen the first time in everyone’s life. Closing of Schools and Colleges for so long, No Rush in railway platform. No running of trains and many many more such things. Except for the few places, the whole world is suffering from this pandemic. However, the world health organization also said that nobody is safe unless even a single case is present in any corner of the world. The impact of this pandemic also affected the many Badminton tournaments so adversely that either they have been rescheduled or they have been cancelled forever.

The Olympic Qualifying India Open Badminton Tournament is one of those tournaments about which the media is talking a lot these days. According to its previous schedule, this Tournament was to be held on some other dates, however, due to the faster spread of deadly COVID 19, this Tournament has been rescheduled. According to the new announcement of BWF, the Olympic Qualifying India Open Badminton Tournament would be held now between 8 December to 13 December. BWF has also rescheduled many other Tournaments dates in the updated calendar. The Dates of those tournaments are also not far from each other which may impact the players also to a great extent.

In its announcement, it said that the World tour Super 500 Tournament new dates have also been revealed. Earlier this tournament was to be held between March 24 to March 29 in Delhi but now the dates have been changed. Now this tournament will be held between December 8 to December 13. It also announced two other tournaments that will be held before the Olympic Qualifying India Open Badminton Tournament. Hyderabad Open Badminton Tournament will be held before it between August 11 to August 16. After that Saiyad Modi International Tournament would be played between  November 17 to November 22.

Along with these, there are eight other Tournaments whose initially scheduled dates have been changed. The new dates have also been mentioned in the updated calendar of BWF. Some of these tournaments, whose dates have been rescheduled are Thailand open Super 500, Indonesia Open Super 1000, Newzealand open super 300, and many others.

The general secretary of the BWF has said that making the programs for recovering the badminton world back to its previous condition is a really very challenging task. For this reason, they have rescheduled many tournaments in a very short span of time. He also said that doing so will help this game to minimize the loss that occurred due to COVID 19 to a great extent.

After this, he also added that so far there is no fixed date from which the movement of players from one country to others will take place and when will the restrictions on such flight be removed. However, we would not start it all till the time when everything would be back to normal again.